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Website Corgi

Corgi StudioUsers can mint unique NFTs from collections, from which users can buy, sell and auction the NFTs they own. In addition, the system makes it possible for users to create collections with thousands of NFTs when users provide traits of NFT

Website Mintra
MintraWith splendid graphics, the system allows users to create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs via blockchain.
Website Corgi

PerkableThe system helps businesses promote their products by sending incentives and gifts to customers near that area. Customers can come to the store to experience the services at a discount or receive gifts online.

Website Passphrase
PassphraseA word guessing game: players buy NFT, own it, and have a chance to win huge prizes up to 80% of total NFT sold if they join and win the game. Players will join the game and receive rewards for winning

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Corgi Studio
- Corgi Studio

Collect your favorite collections and earn huge money.

Corgi is humans' best life companions. They are loved by almost everyone, from children to adults. Awesome! Users only provide Corgi traits, and the system generates thousands of other images of cute Corgis for you to sell or bid on.

Corgi Studio has piqued the interest of many investors since its launch in early 2022, owing to its potential and benefits. The first 1000+ NFTs were minted in the first week. Corgi Studio's owner shared that he had a great experience launching Corgi Studio. Initially, he just wanted to create his favorite collections, but it turned out to be a success beyond expectations. He is asking for more functions to be developed so people can create their own collections and increase their income.

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Nhan Nguyen


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