Flatform Modernization

The process of updating the infrastructure, architecture, and the features of existing platforms to bring them up to current standards, as well as to set the stage for rapid digital product development.

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Benefits of platform modernization

The primary reason organizations undertake this is to be able to get updates to the market quicker, opening new revenue opportunities. Here are some of the benefits of platform modernization:

Cost Reduction

Modernizing your application lowers the amount of time it takes to update applications. It also lowers your operational costs.

Improved security

Using modernized software is critical for protecting data in your company.

Integrations & Functionality

Improves how each element of your tech stack integrates with other systems and enhances the functionality of your product.

Scaling performance

Application modernization enables scalability, which is the ability to easily add or subtract resources depending on demand.

Approaches to platform modernization

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for modernizing applications because every company has different needs, different legacy platforms, and different goals.

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Cloud services

Help organizations can reduce upfront costs significantly.

1. Rehosting

Companies using this approach, sometimes called “lift and shift,” move from a legacy or on-premise (on-prim) solution to a cloud-based environment.

2. Refactoring

This is a great approach when we’re moving to microservices or simplifying complex apps into the parts to perform specific operations.

3. Replatforming

This approach blends lift and shift with refactoring to convert legacy applications to operate on the cloud.

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Make applications easier to scale and faster to develop.

4. Repurchasing

When legacy software is obsolete, sometimes the best option for application modernization isn’t developing or engineering a solution. Instead, the better solution may be to choose a new digital product.

5. Encapsulate

Leverage and extend the application features by encapsulating its data and functions, making them available as services via an API.

6. Retaining

Depending on your goals, we may find that the cost-benefit of modernizing specific applications isn’t quite there yet. In these cases, we recommend retaining this solution until it’s a priority.